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Pandemonium engulfs concerned citizens as the federal government eases lockdown and orders resumption of terminal classes to school.


The federal government has declared that with the ease of the lockdown phase, terminal classes should resume for revision and examination.

His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state has also declared that schools are to reopen for SS3 and Tec 3 on August 3, 2020. He added that there  would not be immediate reopening for JSS3 and that Primary six (6) pupils would gain admission to secondary school judging b their continuous assessment.

Following the development, the federal ministry has announced that WAEC examinations would commence August 4, 2020, a day following the resumption of schools in Lagos state.


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Meanwhile, Deep Learners Educational Media gathered that some teachers bemoan the action of the government by not considering the examination success of the SS3 students. These instructors’ concern was that there would not be adequate time for revising with these learners before seeing them off to the examination hall.

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In another development, some stakeholders criticize the government saying that the safety of the school children and the teachers is not considered in that they have been asked to resume.

Nevertheless, no one seems to have reacted to the other part that the resumption date for the rest of the students is still unknown.

Should WAEC timetable be postponed? Do you think the students are fully prepared for the examination? Or should the examination class even resume?


Please, drop your comment below to share your view.


he ha ha. Which student prepared for examination? Abeg, post another thing make we read. Lass lass. we go pass the exam

The fact still remains that, the exam must be written irrespective of the short notice by the government. We should just gear up for examination malpractices that will engulf this examination.

If proper precautions are taken, why not. They have given students enough time to prepare, a month to be precise.
We can’t continue wasting time, time waits for no one.
If they don’t reopen schools now the damage that has been done now will be more than it already is. so I think they are making the right decision if proper PRECAUTIONS ARE TAKEN AND SOCIAL DISTANCING IS PRACTISED.

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