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Schools Reopening Amidst COVID-19

Folawe Omikunle CEO, Teach for Nigeria

Federal government has finally declared when schools will resume in Nigeria. TVC news broadcast four days ago that schools would resume immediately after the ban on inter state movement has been lifted.

Reacting to the whole school saga in the country, the CEO for Teach for Nigeria, Folawe Omikunle, says parents are deeply concerned whether school owners and the government are able to meet putting the procedures and measures for school reopening in place. She shays parents lack trust in the government as regards this.


Another major concern raised by Folawe Omikunle is that children can hardly be stopped to play with other children or touching whatever and whoever they like at school.


Transportation by the innocent kids to the school is another fact raised by the school guru. This poses threat as lots of parents can no longer afford to pay drivers due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Additionally, the social distancing module enforced to be applied in public transport militate against easy conveyance of students to and from the school.

In Folawe Omikunle words, “majority of public schools do not even have access to water at all”.

However, it is a concern to others too that parents who have resumed work also pose a threat to the students who have not even resumed schooling.

Should the schools reopen amidst these challenges and unsolved puzzles? Let’s hear your voice below.

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