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50 trafficked Nigerian Girls Returned from Lebanon

Air Peace moves Stranded Nigerians from Lebanon to Nigeria

Mr Geoffrey Onyeama and the Minister of Foreign Affairs announces in his official Twitter handle that 50 Nigerian girls on trafficking are returned to Nigeria with the support of the Lebanese government and the Nigerian Lebanese community.


They were brought back with 19 other Nigerians who were stranded in Lebanon bringing the total of the rescued ones from Lebanon to 69.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that it was with the financial and logistic support of the Lebanese Government and Lebanese community in Nigeria that led to the success of rescuing the 69 individuals from Lebanon.

On their arrival today (Sunday, 24th May, 2020) the Foreign Affairs minister expresses his profound appreciation to Ambassador Houssam Diad, Lebanese Ambassador in Nigeria and Ambassador Goni Zannabura, Nigerian Ambassador in Lebanon.

However, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama did not mention whether there are students among the returnees.

Recall that the Federal Government has rescued about 300 Nigerians from the UK not long ago.

In addition, 160 Nigerians were returned from the United States with 256 from Dubai, and from Saudi Arabia, 292 others.


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